About Us

Together with you we support you to custom build your start-up business to get your business working for you, with more time, more profits and less stress, even with limited resources. We are as passionate about your business success as you are.


Made in Africa, By Africans For Africa!


We Will Bring You To The Next Level Of Business

Over 40 years of local regional and international hands-on experience across multiple industry sectors in the full spectrum of core business operations. Building a business is a structured process and not a series of uncoordinated events. 

Our practically designed, tested and accelerated small business enabling process will systematically enable you to build step by step across the full spectrum of your business, each of the core elements required for you to build, manage and competitively compete in your chosen market. We will equip you with the necessary skills and provide you with a magnitude of customisable tools, templates and strategies to facilitate your business operations.

Experienced in business coaching since


Out Of Your Vulnerabilities Will Come Your Strength

Welcome to Optimal Africa Business Solutions.

My name is Cecil van Niekerk.

The Optimal business was first founded some 20 years ago and was born from a passion which recognises the difference starting and owning a small business could make to the lives of so many.

Over the years I have engaged and supported hundreds of young people with limited resources to achieve just that. With our accelerated, structured, and well devised process together we have started businesses from a simple idea to small but profitable and growing businesses.

We have supported already established businesses who have stagnated and want to move to the next event in their life cycle. We’ve even recovered a few who were on the path of self-destruction.

During my extensive corporate career, I was privileged to have worked across a broad spectrum of industry sectors and was mentored and coached by some extraordinary people across the full spectrum of business operations, enabling me today to share that knowledge and experience.

Although I’ve devised and tested  a very comprehensive entrepreneurial build and support model, our approach is not prescriptive with  a one size fits all approach. Every business situation is unique,  our process is supportive of the uniqueness of each situation.

In addition to our hands on support, we are also able to provide you, at no additional cost, a vast array of customisable tools and templates spanning the full spectrum of business.

We sincerely look forward to the privilege of partnering with you as you proceed on this amazing journey towards successful business ownership.

Our Culture

Mistakes Are The Growing Pains Of Wisdom

From every adversity a new challenge is born supported by new a new knowledge and a wisdom of experience.

Our Motto

Two words that don’t feature in our vocabulary is “failure” and “cant do’. For every challenge there is a solution, for everything that did not go according to plan there is an alternative. A team that always wins is not learning anything. 

Our Core Values

The Empathy – to understand our clients’ problems and challenges.

The Knowledge – to drive meaningful solutions.

The Integrity – to deliver on our promises

Empower – small business owners to make lasting change in their personal lives, their businesses and their communities.

Our Vision

Optimal Africa will capably inspire, enable and grow the small business community on the African continent.

Our Mission

Optimal Africa exists to passionately inspire, lead, coach, and support entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders to achieve business growth, sustainable profits, cash flows, and maximum business value. We use tested and proven process to help business become and remain commercially successful for themselves, their clients and communities.

Optimal Africa will play a leading role in the development of the Township and Rural economies. 


Our "Business Enabler" Team

More than 30 years of combined entrepreneurial business experience

Our core team comprises a blend of experience and youth driven by our passion for adding true value to the personal lives of each entrepreneur we engage with. We are fuelled and inspired by your success. We bring you real world experience across multiple industry sectors and business disciplines with a deep knowledge of business.

Cecil van Niekerk

Business Enabler

Highly process driven, focusing not only of the “What to do’s” (coaching) but providing solutions and support of the “How to do it(enabling). We span the full business spectrum from ideation to commercialization. Our experience in business spans over some 40 years across 34 countries, with some 20 years specifically in the SMME and entrepreneurial space.

Shadrack Imani

Business Enabler

A solutions focused Industrial Engineer, Entrepreneur and Innovator. Specialist in Design Thinking including process improvement, simulation modelling, product design, innovation, leadership, business management, and project management.
He heads the Klevaclick Innovation Summit: An annual business conference committed to promoting Youth-led innovation. by bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors.

Bathabile Mashigo

Business Enabler

Bathabile is the Founder of Mash Pictures an Actress, an accomplished Artrepreneur and a Brand Ambassador. Not only an accomplished and experience entrepreneur but a highly experience influencer with experience across the general business and marketing elements for a successful business.

Seenyane Nteso

Business Enabler

Seenyane, a Financial Accountant by profession and a passionate entrepreneur. Seenyane has a wealth of experience from the banking industry and deep experience in the critical influence the
whole area of finance and money management plays in our lives as entrepreneurs. As with every member of this team the success of our entrepreneurial businesses is at the forefront of his support with every business owner with who
he engages.

Dr Nomsa Mdlalose

Business Enabler

Dr Mdlalose Nomsa the founder of Zintsomi and the Kwesukela Academy, a serial entrepreneur in her own right has a background in drama, creative writing, journalism, and storytelling. She is the inspirational author and publisher of children’s books in all 11 official languages in South Africa. Nomsa also travels the entire continent engaging with stakeholders to promote youth literature. Nomsa is a highly creative and passionate entrepreneur.

Amanda Santos

Business Enabler

Amanda, an astute internationally experienced entrepreneur is a specialist in the field of digital marketing. Amanda hails from, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Resident in South Africa supporting local businesses she also operates regionally into Africa. Driven and passionate to help entrepreneurs building their brands and businesses creating social and digital media strategies that work and leveraging the power to grow online.