Our approach is not a conventional theoretical training one!

Each workshop is  practical and “hands on”.

Every workshop is designed around specific and core outcomes to support the build of your business. Every step of the way you will be putting place core systems and processes all aimed at successful and sustainable commercialisation within the 180 days timeframe.

ACT NOW and experience the results

Virtual and face-to-face options

Essential Business Growth Workshops

How Do The Workshops Work?​​

All of the Optimal business process workshops are digitally optimized.

That simply means you can participate on group sessions on the various virtual platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Alternatively, you can engage one-on-one with Optimal on our optimized materials which allow full engagement on all materials in a paperless environment. If you so wish your business partners or members can attend the workshops with you.

Participation on each business process workshop  is accompanied by 4 hours of one-on-one coaching to support and enable implementation and the necessary action to produce a result.

The coaching sessions are also diagnostic sessions where we identify and resolve other potential areas of concern in your business.

Personal Empowerment

What we believe and our mindset sets the stage for everything we do in life and will determine the course of our experience. Successful entrepreneurship requires adopting a mindset and a set of beliefs that many people do not hold.

We would be more successful living the life we truly want, not the one we think we are supposed to live. As entrepreneurs we require a mindset directed towards success and personal responsibility and not be restricted by our fears and limiting beliefs and doubts.

We can only adopt more empowering beliefs when we make a conscious effort to do so and this requires self-examination, readiness, study and finding tools that help us make this mental shift.

Business Modelling

A business model is your core strategy for profitably doing business. The Business Model allows you to define you will create, deliver and capture value’. The Business Model workshop will allow you to test and plan the 6 key aspects which are the cornerstone of your future business.

  • The product/service value proposition(s) 
  • Which segments (user groups) to target
  • Your revenue model
  • Position in the value chain & key partnerships
  • Communication, distribution and sales channels
  • Will people actually buy and who are they?


For those just starting out, exploring potential business models can help you determine if your business idea is viable, attract investors and guide your overall management strategy. For established businesses, it serves as the basis for developing financial forecasts, setting milestones, and setting a baseline for reviewing your business plan.

Branding & Identity

Brand design is more than just pretty aesthetics. Branding that is rooted in strategy has the ability to propel a business forward, creating connection and bridging the gap between a business and its consumer in ways merely good design never could. 

Essentially, your brand identity is the persona of your business and a promise to your customers.

Our guide and accompanying workshop will take you step by step through this process of creating your brand with a complete Brand DNA.

Not only will Optimal take you through the process but our team will provide you with hands on support through the physical actions of designing an exciting and complete brand identity.

This is a practical hands-on solution where the time you invest will be for your own business to provide you with a completed outcome.

Marketing & Sales

Building a Sales and Marketing Machine for your business is the most critical process for the launch and continuity of your business. Until you start transacting with clients you don’t have a business.

Optimal uses a ‘customer centric’ approach in supporting you to build your sales and marketing engine. We will help you build a scalable sales and marketing engine that can grow with your business.

The development of a complete marketing system will be developed for the business including appropriate digital marketing approaches fully leveraging technology for the best results.

Financial Record Keeping

Key to the success of your business is financial record keeping. You need to set protocols in place for recording every transaction in your business. 

Not only is this a fundamental business requirement to be able to manage your business, you may very well at some point in the future be seeking funding. This will not be possible without the correct financial information.

Optimal will equip you with a full understanding of core financial records and reporting. In additional will provide you with a complete set of customised tools and templates on your devices. These will include amongst others areas such as costing, recording income and expenses, invoice and quote templates, budgets and sales forecasts, income statements and much more.

Legal & Compliance

South Africa has a well-developed and formally regulated Company Law System, whereby all South African businesses are governed. As a registered business you will need to comply with these legal and governance requirements.

The Optimal team will review your legal and compliance status and support you in the essential knowledge as well as guidance and tools to ensure the full compliance of your business with prevailing laws.

The Optimal team is also equipped to support and guide on day-to-day issues across the scope of your business.

Business Planning

Your business plan is a written description of your business’s future. That’s all there is to it-a document that describes what you plan to do, the present and potential future results, and how you plan to do it.

It is a valuable planning document more specifically also when you are seeking funding from any institution or individual. They will insist on a comprehensive and well-prepared Business Plan. 

Optimal will at a practical level to support you in the development of your business plan when required. This as well as support you in the completion of the sometimes-onerous documentation required by funders.

We will also assist to assess your readiness for funding as well as getting you ready.

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